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Summer 1966. Having recently left school, Frank Mack – a young man out to learn all he can about life - lands a summer job in a factory where whisky is bottled, while he waits to start university. He has an official two-week break and decides to spend it, with a friend, visiting the youth hostels dotted around the banks of Loch Lomond.

Frank discovers that life in a factory – especially one where bottles of whisky are the end product – has its problems, and that a conveyer-belt existence can teach him a great deal. He learns too that life as a happy wanderer, hiking around the youth hostels in his own inimitable manner, has its full complement of lessons, and that they can be every bit as harsh as those he’s been exposed to on the factory floor.

Tae Go Awanderin’ is a book that explores the rugged terrain that lies between the expectations of adolescence and the realities of adult life, and it does so in a manner that’s humorous, harrowing and true.

And as we follow a young man’s growing awareness of the vagaries of existence and the apparent polar opposites of the human condition, we discover that, when an author tries to tell a story with strict objectivity, even its characters go out of their way to try and censor him, until they finally lead him to the realisation of who and what it really is that determines how life unfolds for each and every one of us.

© Frank McGillion 2001