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Frank McGillion

The Leaf

A Novel of Alchemy

"…he waited. Knowing it would
come back demanding sacrifice.
And…as he fully expected it to,
it came."

The Leaf is a story based on the traditional Faustian theme. It describes how the intuitive Elizabeth and the rational John interact when brought together in a promising union that’s destined to end tragically.

Neither appreciates that the dark hand of fate is at work in their lives, having been set in motion by a member of Elizabeth’s family: a spiritually broken cleric and the secret practitioner of an arcane art.

This is a work of literary fiction that achieves originality in two ways:

by reflecting the characters’ lives in events external to them, and by utilising a carefully crafted prose style.

A respected literary reader has called The Leaf:

"A stunning piece of literature…"

It is a highly original and highly structured work that seeks to engage and involve the reader through its unorthodox use of language and its compelling and evocative storyline.


Writing the leaf involved a long and detailed research into the subject of alchemy. While the text contains thinly veiled allusions to methods that apparently demonstrate the physical viability of the alchemical processes, these are included purely for the purposes of the storyline and no claims are intended with respect to the validity of these processes or otherwise.

The Leaf: a Novel of Alchemy  (2001) is published by Xlibris in association with Random House and is available from: www.amazon.co.uk, www.amazon.com, www.borders.com, Ingram, books in print, other online booksellers, and major booksellers. ISBN: 0-7388-9909-7 Library of Congress Number: 2001117877