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A Draft of Poems
- by -
Frank McGillion

Templates - A Draft of PoemsForeword

Like many writers before me I've drafted pieces of verse over the years hoping that someday I'd get round to learning the poetic craft, polish up some of what I've written, and have it published. Recently however, I realised that if I didn't do this now I might never do it. This book is the result. It consists of final drafts of fifty poems, which - while they have been edited for publication - were almost all written in the sixteen year period (1964-1980) between the ages of sixteen and thirty-two.

A few of the verses, in more basic form, go directly back to childhood, yet they touch on themes addressed more fully in the later ones. If I were to write more poetry in the future, I've no doubt whatsoever that I'd be drawn to these same themes, which repeat themselves throughout this book. It appears that what we seek to address in our writing, comes to us early and lingers: waiting, perhaps, for greater substance; or simply for recognition. The deepest parts of us, it seems may wait a lifetime seeking due and proper acknowledgement.

This collection is nothing remotely special in terms of art. It is however, a longstanding ambition indulged and partly realised. And I feel it is more than justified for that reason alone.

Frank McGillion
A Draft of Poems
ISBN 1-59926-616-4
Xlibris Corporation
U.S.A. 2005