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Frank McGillion

Reviews and Monographs

The author has produced a number of monographs and reviews in various journals. These range from aspects of drug legislation, through studies on dynamic psychology, to a detailed investigation of the placebo effect.

Further reviews and monographs are planned on a variety of topics.

These will include a monograph on, Freud, Jung and Astrologia, which should be available early in 2002 and will be based on research already carried out by the author.

Some of this has already been published.

On Jung:

Pety de Vries-Ek & Frank McGillion

A further look at Jung's astrological experiment in the context of his concept of synchronicity

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(1997) 13

…and on Freud:

Culture and Cosmos
Volume 2 Number 1

The Influence of Wilhelm Fliess' Cosmobiology on Sigmund Freud

Frank McGillion

ABSTRACT: Sigmund Freud's psychology was influenced both by traditional Jewish mysticism and the cosmobiological theories developed by Wilhelm Fliess (1858-1928). Fliess argued that biological processes were partially regulated by 23-day and 28-day cycles, time of conception and birth, the solar year and the eccentricity of the Earth's orbit around the Sun. We can term these theories cosmobiological. Freud adopted these ideas although he was apparently hostile to the 'occult'. He investigated traditional astrology, represented by the casting of horoscopes, but concluded that…

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The paper on Jung was co-authored with Pety de Vries-Ek, who has translated Jung’s works into Dutch.

The paper on Freud was written as the result of a comprehensive study of Freud’s long-standing interest in esoteric matters and of his relationship in this respect with the close friend and colleague whom he ultimately betrayed: Wilhelm Fliess.

A chapter in Blinded By Starlight addresses, in detail, the issue of how some of the pioneers of depth psychology had difficulties with what they wrongly considered to be a form of astrology.