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Frank McGillion

Frank McGillion is a freelance writer and author who has published extensively in both the academic and popular arenas, in research paper, article, review and book form.

His publications range from primary research papers on a variety of medical and scientific topics, through popular science books and literary works, to articles reviewing lesser-known aspects of the work of such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung.

He is a member of a number of literary, musical, scientific and medical societies and organisations, and has given interviews and talks on related subjects on an international basis and in various media including television and radio.

He was born in Glasgow, Scotland, and, after a highly unconventional early education, he obtained his doctorate at Glasgow University and went on to carry out postgraduate studies at Oxford University and the City University of London. His critically acclaimed autobiographical novel – On the Edge of a Lifetime - based on his early educational environment and experiences, was published in 2002.

He spent some years in corporate life, much of it in an international setting, and both during and after this period, he has undertaken a wide variety of written work in his capacity as a contributing editor to a number of scientific journals.

In recent years he has concentrated on writing full time. His interests in this respect lie in: literary fiction, satire, the history of medicine and science, and the scientific analysis of traditional belief systems: all of which satisfy his interest in the unconventional in life, whether of thought, belief or behaviour.

He currently lives in London with his wife Eve, and has two daughters in the caring professions.


His first popular scientific work – The Opening Eye – looked at traditional belief systems in terms of our growing scientific understanding of the physiology of the pineal gland.

It had a controversial reception and attracted considerable interest from the media, leading to a number of review articles in different media, and to television and radio broadcasts.

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His new book in this genre, Blinded By Starlight – The Pineal Gland and Western Astronomia, is an expansion on the general theme of how our modern understanding of the pineal gland sheds light on traditional beliefs. However, it is a great deal more comprehensive in its scope and depth of coverage than his earlier work, and it encompasses a much broader sweep of the areas discussed.

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Blinded By Starlight is available by title at www.amazon.com

Fatima and Science
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Also available, from September 2001, is his first work of literary fiction:

The Leaf – A Novel of Alchemy.

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This is a highly structured novel that utilises an unconventional prose style to keep the reader directly involved in the unfolding story of how a clandestine attempt at the alchemical union of opposites gives rise to tragic consequences in both spiritual and physical terms.

Nominated by the publisher for The Booker Prize, and The Samuel Johnson Award

On the Edge of a Lifetime

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Published by Mainstream of Edinburgh in April 2002

From Shoreline to Mainstream

Available October 2003
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A number of projects are planned for 2002 and details of them and their progress will be posted on this Website on a regular basis.


Many thanks indeed for visiting this site – it’s genuinely appreciated – and while individual correspondence is rarely practically possible, your comments are equally appreciated and represent invaluable feedback on the issues being addressed in my work.

With very best wishes,

Frank McGillion

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