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Astrology, Divination and the Sacred
Edited by Angela Voss and Jean Hinson Lall

University of Kent
School of European Culture and Languages

Authors Frank McGillion et al

Date of Publication: 2007


The Imaginal CosmosPrior to the scientific revolution, prophetic practices could be comprehended in the context of the prevailing world view. To date modern science has been unable to verify the credibility of such arts. Contemporary findings in a variety of disciplines however, suggest that we may indeed have some form(s) of prior knowledge of the future. If so, our view of prophecy and the prophetic arts could be due for revision.

In The Imaginal Cosmos "…new theories and methods for the study of divination are suggested: most significantly, a phenomenological approach, which considers divinatory knowledge and practice on its own terms. As many of the authors are practitioners of astrology and divination, the divide between 'etic' and 'emic' perspectives begins to close, pointing towards a new methodology not only for divination, but for religious studies in general."

Fellow Contributors:
Charles Burnett - University of London
Geoffrey Cornelius - University of Kent
Patrick Curry - University of Kent
Dorian Gieseler Greenbaum - Warburg Institute, London
Liz Greene - Founder & Director Centre for Psychological Astrology in London
Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke - University of Exeter
Belinda Hunt - artist, Winchester
Maggie Hyde - Co-founder Company of Astrologers
Jean Hinson Lall - Institute for the Study of Imagination
Joseph Milne - University of Kent
Leon Schlamm - University of Kent
Gregory Shaw - Stonehill College, Massachusetts
Angela Voss - University of Kent