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Frank McGillion


The Pineal Gland and Western Astronomia

"…in a very real sense therefore,
throughout both ancient and modern history…
our understanding of our universe has been
blinded by starlight."


On pages 63 and 137 of this book the astronomical explanations given for seasonality and the solstices are quite wrong: something not picked up in the editing process. I would like to thank Geoffrey Dale for bringing this fact to my attention. While I fully understand how this error occurred, it was my sole responsibility.

It will be corrected in subsequent editions of this book, and if possible an erratum added to this edition. The seasons of the year occur, of course, because the earth is tilted on its axis of rotation at an angle of twenty three and a third degrees to the sun: a fact well known in antiquity if less so, sometimes, these days!

Blinded By Starlight – the Pineal Gland and western Astronomia  (2002) is published by Xlibris in association with Random House and is available from: www.amazon.co.uk, www.amazon.com, www.borders.com, Ingram, books in print, other online booksellers, and major booksellers. ISBN: HC 1-4010-7120-1.  SC 1-4010-7119-8 Library of Congress Number: 2002093922

Blinded By Starlight is a popular account of the role the pineal gland has played in the historical development of our views of that mixture of superstition, quasi-rational thinking and empirical study of the stars that, until the seventeenth century, we termed, astronomia or astrologia.

A brief but informative history of astronomy, astrology, and the pineal gland, is followed by an account of how contemporary science views these areas of study.

There follows an engrossing account of how, through the postulates and discoveries of a variety of contemporary and historical, philosophers, scientists, physicians, and intellectual non conformists, we’re becoming progressively more aware of what were formerly called "subtle" forces, that determine aspects of our development, health and behaviour, literally from the time of our birth.

We go on to demonstrate how these forces can be influenced by astronomical events and how they could, can, and do influence us in a number of ways both at the time of our birth and on a day-to-day basis. We also see how consideration of such phenomena touches on some of the most fundamental questions in contemporary thought including those that relate to the nature of consciousness.

As we progress, we discuss how such eminent thinkers as Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and the Nobel prize-winner, Wolfgang Pauli, were drawn to the study of esoteric subjects in an attempt to explain the apparent influences of the planets on us. And we ask, from a contemporary perspective, were they justified in doing so?

In short, Blinded By Starlight is an entertaining, engrossing, easily read piece of historical detective work that, even before publication, has been described by two major publishers as:

"…cutting edge…" and "… fascinating reading…"

The result of almost twenty five years of systematic study of cosmology, cultural astronomy, and pineal gland science, Blinded By Starlight is a unique, definitive, and comprehensive book on the status of our starry arts and sciences, both today and as they’ve developed over the past two and a half thousand years.

Frank McGillion

Blinded By Starlight –
The Pineal Gland and Western Astronomia
Complete with references, bibliography and index.